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greg eason

"puffins" pencil on paper, 21 x 13cm, 2010
really nice pencil drawings by greg eason. i love the simple compositions.

jacob whibley

beautiful collages by jacob whibley.

p design studio

paula isabella with p design studio designed some pretty awesome watches for nooka.

fabien merelle

i really like fabien merelle's strange pencil drawings.

qui yang

photographer qui yang has a unique style. i love the odd compositions.

ross sawyers

"The environments depicted in my photographs are close to the actual but are not
completely accurate or exact copies of reality. The discrepancies between reality and
construct vary from subtle shifts in architecture to obvious voids that serve no apparent

hurley x livery x dalek

“Featuring a geometrically vivacious blend of color and form, these bikes showcase the artwork of world-renowned artist Dalek (James Marshall). These rolling art pieces were commissioned by Hurley to compliment their ultra high-end line of Phantom boardshorts and swimwear.”

script and seal

"script & seal, the amazing portland-based duo of liz meyer and gavin potenza, created these wonderful posters for a cycling feature in the portland mercury."

project thirty-three

"the album covers featured on project thirty-three were collected, scanned and archived by the owner of jive time records, a seattle based store specializing in used vinyl."

russell leng

"new nature systems 6"
love these abstract paintings by russell leng.