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gregory bradford

photographer gregory bradford has some nice work on his website.
i love her haircut.

nat nicklin

nat nicklin has some awesome work on her website.

jesse draxler

jesse draxler has some awesome design/collage work on society6.

matt niebuhr

untitled #3 white corn crib, north elevation, west central iowa
i absolutely love matt niebuhr's series "portraits: faces and profiles of utility"


hollie-o from chattanooga TN has some really beautiful work on flickr.

seven ply

i want this belt buckle to add to my collection!
seven ply is recycling old skateboards into awesome accessories!

a journey round my skull

excellent collection of european book covers by "a journey round my skull"

michael schnitzer

i love michael schnitzer's collages.
check out his flickr to see more work.

brittny badger

"the sea" marker on paper
check out a few of my new drawings on flickr!

mark allen miller

"With an idealization of everyday imagery and bold use of pattern and color, native Californian Mark Allen Miller breaks down, simplifies and recreates the history of common objects, creating nostalgic tributes with a contemporary sensibility…"


"The husband and wife food photographers, who work under the name Minimiam (meaning MINI YUM), spend their days transforming everyday foods into whimsical, storied landscapes."

taylor david

oceans 11
taylor david aka twentyonesquares has some really nice work on his website.

euliee lee

mayrah wines, taltarni vineyards
the wine is from australia, and mayrah means spring in the aboriginal language.