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nike auto flight

the "Nike Auto Flight High QK LE LA" sneaker is inspired by the lakers. i love the bold purple leather, subtle hint of yellow, and thick white sole. you can look our for their release in september.

create your own timbuk2

i love timbuk2 messenger bags. my friend jillian just informed me that you can create your own right on their website. it's always more fun being able to customize things. there are way too many fabulous color combinations, and you will most likely get addicted exploring all of the options.

pepsi raw

pepsi raw, made from natural extracts, cane sugar, and sparkling water.
i love the simplicity of the bottles.

linnea strid

oil on plywood, 27 x 35 cm.
swedish artist linnea strid has some beautiful realistic paintings on flickr.

illustrator jessie douglas

beautiful urban illustrations by jessie douglas.
"Everything I discover around me has potential... urban detritus, peeling paint and filthy concrete structures. I find the ugly and mundane to be beautiful, its character and stories inspiring."

smile on your brother

the boards look great, and i love that they are being donated to children.
Founders of Contributor, a Canadian charity, curated an art show called “Smile On Your Brother." The show features 50 hand crafted, oak skateboards designed by artists from all over the world. The boards will be auctioned off, and all of the proceeds will go towards a fund that will supply skateboards to Canadian kids who might not otherwise be able to afford them. More photographs are posted on Boooom.

painter kent williams

"river" oil and encaustic on linen mounted on wood panel, 48 x 48 in., 2008
the figures in williams' paintings seem to be fighting with the canvas.


i'm thinking about getting this shirt! i love the purple/blue combination, and that silly little guy of course. it's reasonably priced as well, at about $18 USD, and you can purchase it at holebrain's online store. i like their description of the shirt...
"With the pressures of the "credit crunch" this fella went & pinched a big ass jewel. Crime does occasionally pay. Now all he needs is to sort out those Uber Handlebars."

macintosh tshirt

you can purchase this awesome macintosh tshirt at print liberation's online
store for $18
"Printed on a Cream colored Tee of course.The second shirt in our "Great Moments of the 20th Century" series is the first Macintosh, or Mac. The Macintosh was introduced on January 24, 1984; it was the first commercially successful personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface rather than a command-line interface."

photographers jeremy and claire weiss

i love their series of polaroid portraits.
they have a lot of great photography on their website.

tropical gel lyte speed

asics x mita sneakers "kirimori" project -- tropical gel lyte speed
"As part of the Kirimori Project, Asics, and Mita Sneakers got together once again to work this time on the “Tropical” Gel Lyte Speed. The running shoe comes with a grey base and several color accents on the upper. Nice are also the details in the mid-sole, matching the lining. Look out for a release on September 5th."

sculptor heather jansch

jansch creates horses and other animals out of found pieces of wood.

pixel bag

cristian zuzunaga's "colour chart bag"
what a great bag for a designer/digital photographer.

print magazine

print's october 2009 issue.
what an interesting photograph for the cover, i love the typography!
i would really like to believe that the tattoo is real, not photoshopped.

mondrian + cake

i certainly wouldn't mind a mondrian inspired cake for my birthday!

brain pattern v.1 skate deck

brain pattern v.1 skate decks by emilio garcia
the pink one is definitely my favorite!
"The perfect competition shape and construction for all terrains. These boards got supreme pop! The best quality hard-rock maple decks and an unrivaled patent-pending printing process make this the best skateboard available in the world."

richard mosse photography

iraq, 2009
mosse's "breach" series is a collection of photographs he took while in iraq.

"there" design studio

australian design studio "there" has some nice new stationary.
i love the business cards!

julie morstad

interesting drawings and illustrations on morstad's website.
absolutely love the little fish in this one!

main studio graphic design

sure do love this "office opening party" poster.
these guys are awesome, take a look at their website.

the funnel chair

i love the non traditional shapes and bold solid colors of scott jarvie's funnel chairs.
"the unique braced design holds together the seating surface and lumbar support allowing the chair to be made in considerably thinner material. this, in turn, allows a fantastic strength to weight ratio."

photographer horacio salinas

salinas has some really great ideas for his photographs.
for more of his awesome work, take a look at his website.


swissarmius is a cutlery holder that is simple and beautiful, useful and functional, like the real swiss army knife.
what a great idea! i'd love to have one of these in the kitchen!

book sculptures

incredible book sculptures by robert the.
yes, i do believe "the" is his last name.
he began making book pieces in 1991, and currently lives in kingston, ny.

marcus fisher

check out marcus fisher's blog. his "alphabet animals" are pretty nice. i especially like this red-winged blackbird.

photorapher slinkachu

"UK artist Slinkachu started his Little People Project back in 2006 and it’s fair to say it has come a long way since then. Considered both a street art installation as well a photography project, Slinkachu remodels and paints miniature model train set characters, which he then places and leaves on the street."

silicone keyboard

"Twist it, roll it, fold it, soak it. The all new Flexible Full Sized Keyboard from Adesso is a revolutionary approach to truly taking PC computing anywhere! It’s water resistant, flexible, and dust and contaminant proof."

photographer bela borsodi

by combining everyday objects and precise angles, borsodi creates visually stunning compositions that form giant letters.

the rubber player watch by nixon

each month nikon is releasing a new limited edition color of their rubber player watch. i love the blue and the red versions, but unfortunately they are already sold out! orange came out this month -- i'll be checking their website in september to see what's next.

photographer joel tettamanti

ilulissat, greenland, 2008
i love his photographs of the colorful houses in greenland.

brandon blommaert

brandon blommaert's "eco-station" series features handmade creatures placed in landscapes. check out his flickr page to view the rest of the series, as well as behind the scenes photos.


hundreds of beautiful drawings in "ladyorlando's" moleskin notebooks
check out her "miniature disasters" and "journal" sets on flickr


established in 1999, skilledconcept is the studio of new york city based designer,
ray sison.
skilledconcept has some really nice design work; the wine bottles are my favorite.


"irony" found ironing board, leather cut-offs, buttons and reclaimed mdf
awesome furniture redesign by donna walker

"The Ironing board is predominantly seen as a feminine object associated with domestic chores. The re-design of this object playfully subverts how it is perceived. By imbedding it with a masculine aesthetic, and transforming it into a stylish lazy chair, ensures that you'll never associate this ironing board with chores again."

gregory thielker

"coming to a complete stop" oil on canvas, 36x48 in., 2008
i can't believe this isn't a photograph! his work is incredible!
take a look at more paintings on his website


i love the idea of taking an object apart, and turning it into something new and unexpected. it reminds me of the concept behind my "disassembled household appliance" series.

"turkish designer ersinhan ersin deconstructed old cassette tapes to create a series of images and typography he calls tapeography. the handmade font was originally created for a school project about music, but ersin carried the concept to a variety of projects. the letters are made from the tape’s ribbon and pieces of the mechanics."

fortune magazine

simplicity + geometric shapes + color = perfection
"It was stated in February 1930 that 'the covers are to be a special feature' and that ‘a design by a distinguished artist will appear each month, which will be made especially for printing in flat colours and will have the character of an original print."

simone decker

“Chewing in Venice is a big art installation of Frankfurt based artist Simone Decker. The sticky sculptures have been stretched, chewed and blown up into a wide range of oversized wads and bubbles that landed around the Italian city."

james jean

"sasha" by james jean
acrylic ink and pastel on rives bfk, 20 x 30", 2008
james jean is an artist out of santa monica, california.
find more of jean's work on his website, and blog, "processrecess"


"zoefield" is an artist out of brooklyn, ny.
she has some beautiful photographs and drawings on her flickr site.
i love the photographs of this girl with black makeup.

photographer christian chaize

"praia piquinia"
christian chaize is a self-taught french artist who lives and works in lyon, france.

pixelated pendant light

a little bit nerdy, yet fabulous at the same time.
available online from meninos, this pixelated pendant retails for $70, and is also available as a shade for a table lamp.