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nooka watches

"to mark ten years of spongebob squarepants, nickelodeon/viacom consumer products and fashion design brand nooka inc. have got together to create a line of limited-edition watches inspired by the character [...] the concepts and graphics of both untraditional watches are reflective of the geometric themes and bold color pallets of spongebob squarepants and nooka's design methods."

i happen to find spongebob extremely obnoxious, but i can't help but love
these watches!

cup drawings

coffee cup drawings by cheeming boey
he has nearly 200 cup drawings on his flickr page

blue beer by abashiri brewery

"japan recently launched a blue beer called okhotsk blue. the brew is made using water melted from icebergs that float each year onto hokkaido beaches from the chilly sea of okhotsk"

photographer arthur fleischmann

fleischmann is a photographer out of vienna, austria
check out his flickr page

anon optics

top: 'shocker'
bottom: 'hollyweird'
i'm a huge fan of burton snowboards, as well their brand of eyewear - anon

i love the bold new sunglasses they came out with this summer

more plaid!

gingham vans authentic
i sure do own quite a few pairs of vans, 3 of which are plaid
too bad they’re a limited edition being sold only from japanese retailer
'ships jet blue

thomas paul

i love the plaid plates in thomas paul's "portland collection"
he has some really great lamps, plates, rugs, pillows, and other household items
on his website

fruit notepads

unfortunately i can't find too much information about these notebooks because the website is in chinese, but i love this idea

moleskin drawings

multi media on acid free moleskin
take a look at bryce wymer's sketchbook drawings on his website

stamp map

mark alcock found a collection of world stamps on ebay, and created a map of the world, where each country is represented by its own native stamp.

sx-70 onesie

this is so cute!
you can purchase photo inspired clothing on 'filmmonsters' etsy shop

ben weiner's hyper realistic paintings

untitled (oil paint), 2003, oil on canvas, 40 x 60 inches
ben has incredible painting skills, as well as a pretty awesome last name

digital clock

Digital clock: only figures, no case, only the necessary – only accurate time. Each figure has self-contained power supply and independent control, it can be fixed to any surface autonomously. A light sensor will switch the clock to an invert mode: the figures are white in the dark time of day and black at daytime.

opera posters

i uploaded some posters onto my flickr page
check them out!

brock davis

1/03/09: Rules - blank paper + thread + tape + exacto
he makes something cool everyday, and posts it for everyone to see

davis has other really awesome work on his website

sopocani 100% Juice

"Peter Gregson Studio designed a new brandmark and packaging, bottles for juices and jars for serbian delectably products, made in monastery Sopocani. All products are organic and natural. The label is handwritten, implementing the spirit of the product. Art direction & design: Jovan Trkulja & Marijana Zaric"

scott balmer

cut paper, paint and line drawing
illustrator scott balmer has some great work on his website
i love how graphic and simple his illustrations are

plates by marco cibola

the middletons plate set designed by marco cibola
poketo - art for your everyday - has some other interesting products
for sale on their website


i love this package design by jamie oliver
unique bottle, and simple, clean design

dominic wilcox

dominic wilcox’s variations on normal project
"the blog acts as a home for his thoughts, ideas, and inventions that pop into my head as he goes about normal life."
"dominic question’s “What came first, the egg cup or the egg” and results in this perfectly formed creation."
take some time to check out his other unique ideas on his blog


oil on canvas
illustrator christa palazzolo is "currently focused on using portraiture as a vehicle for mockery, isolation, discomfort, and objectification, she strives to confront formal aspects of painting with contemporary voice and commentary"
take a look at more portraits on her website

food chain

keimling is a vegetarian restaurant chain. I love this advertisement!

anti-theft lunch bag

i found this a while ago, and forgot to post it
what a fabulous idea!


24" x 24" (acrylic, oil and sharpie on wood)
chris piascik is also a fellow hartford art school graduate.

"I am an artist / designer residing in Cambridge, MA. I post daily drawings on my blog. I have a small apparel company called Print Brigade and I am a designer at Alphabet Arm. Basically I do not sleep."

check out his website

kevin van aelst

"the heart" digital c print, 2009
i love kevin's work! it's awesome to see great new work by hartford art school graduates!

check out more of his awesome photography on his website

(sidenote: 2 red, white, and blue posts in a row. strange)

designer emil kozak

emil kozak has designed for nike, element, and vans to name a few
i love his use of color, pattern, and simple graphics
he has some awesome work on his website

before and after

excellent do-it-yourself tips for your home on design sponge
instead of buying new furniture, turn something old into something fabulous

beautiful wood installations

huge painterly wood installations by henrique oliveira
all the wood is salvaged off the streets of são paulo

drawings by sophie jodoin

conte on mylar
amazing drawings by montreal based artist, sophie jodoin


shannon taggart's photo series of nuns


i thought these were a little bit strange, yet fabulous at the same time


came across this photo on ffffound today, and thought it was a pretty clever idea