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pmfka graphic design

micke thorsby aka pmfka, lives in tokyo and specializes in a variety of art, including fashion, design, illustration, typography, and installation.

gavin potenza

gavin potenza is a designer living in portland, oregon. he enjoys thought-provoking design that is both unexpected and inspiring.


love these colorful minimalistic posters by quadradão out of sãopaulo, brasil.

new york city polaroid project

andrew faris has an excellent collection of polaroids of new york city.


"I am a mixed media artist working the UK.
My studio is littered with sketchbooks, vintage photos, drawings and a large collection of reference books ranging from The Bauhaus to Max Huber and Edward Tufte's beautiful data visualizations. I work frenetically using paint and pencils through to screenprint and collage, layering colour, mark making and printing techniques to create bespoke, limited edition artworks."

susanna hesselberg

"Everyday Jesus" 2002, 70 x 64cm
odd photographs by susanna hesselberg.

hallertau beer

simple and clean design for hallertau beer out of new zealand.

transformer studio for provokator

"Provokator is a multi brand clothes store chain, well-known among extreme sports fans, as well as those people who like stylish fancy clothing. The task was to create an entire brand image and expand brand presence on the web."

alan w george

i love george's "domesticated" series. he has some really nice photography on his website.

hope gangloff

beautiful drawings and paintings by hope gangloff. i love the patterns and textures.

head porter block series

head porter launched a new series of bags to add to its current seasonal batch. taking on a tonal colorway, all four feature the head porter touch with superb japanese construction amongst a minimally designed yet well executed silhouette.
available for purchase:

goldfish garbage bags

these are pretty awesome! you can purchase these goldfish garbage bags for $15.99. the link is posted below.