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linnaea vineyard

2 winemakers of the Napa Valley are now on their way to creating their own boutique winery, Linnaea. The founders both have backgrounds in medical anthropology and plant biochemistry. They are also the face of the brand, doing most of the sales/customer relations work themselves.

i love this illustration by shannon elliott.

brian donnelly

i love this oil painting by brian donnelly.

adam hancher

modern industry by adam hancher.
you can buy this print for $50 at

adam baz

Adam Baz currently lives and works at the New Lagos Experimental Living Center, in Portland, Oregon. Adam graduated from Bard College in 2006, and has since become committed to a life of fun.

jen mann

Jen Mann was born in 1987 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) in Toronto, receiving her BFA in Printmaking in 2009.

michael delucia

michael delucia has some really nice sculpture work on his website.

gaëtan rossier

beautiful photograph by switzerland based gaëtan rossier.

noma bar

israeli born illustrator, noma bar creates simple and creative illustrations.


"Clean and simple typographic solution for this Hungarian dairy brand’s
visual identity."

new shoeboxes for puma

"Puma and Fuseproject, the design firm led by Yves Béhar, have managed to make big improvements to the humble shoebox. The bag tightly wraps an interior cardboard scaffolding--giving it shape and reducing cardboard use by 65%."

paul tebbott

paul tebbott is a self-taught graphic designer and electronic musician.

denise nestor

beautiful drawings by denise nestor

jelle martens

really nice work by jelle martens. take a look at his flickr.