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new painting by joshua bronaugh

i posted 2 of joshua's paintings on wednesday may 20th. he thanked me for posting his work, and sent me this image of one of his new paintings! thanks joshua!
check out his website

recycled camera lenses

one of a kind cuffs made from used camera components

potato portraits

ginou choueiri is lebanese artist living in beirut

"i chose the potato to portray human faces because of the many striking parallels. not only is their skin porous like ours, but their skin texture and color is very similar, and like us, they come in different sizes, shapes and forms. potatoes grow, live, and then decay, mirroring the ephemeral existence and fragility of our own human nature."

kate mccgwire
Kate MccGwire graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2004 and has since exhibited all over London, winning a solo show at 2009's Heart of Glass. Her most recent installations are made from thousands of pigeon feathers.

joshua bronaugh

joshua bronaugh has a great portfolio of loose gestural paintings

photographer alan george

san francisco, california has the highest per capita rate of homelessness of any city in the united states. alan george has some beautiful photographs of trailers and mobile homes in his "portable estate" series.


there's something i like about this

shadow chair

at first glance it is a simple wooden chair that seems to defy gravity by standing upright while only having two front legs, but on closer inspection the shadow is part of the chair and made from steel, which is attached to a metal frame built inside the chair.

abisko washbasin
Abisko is the result of a collaboration between Eumar Santhenica and Swedish Designer Johan Kaupii together with architect Lars Sundstrom, representing design firm We Think, from Gotheburg, Sweden.

amy casey

beautiful paintings of intertwined houses by amy casey.
she has a lot of great work on her website


i love the colors, shapes, and composition of this photo.
you can purchase this print at: