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pamela johnson

johnson has a series of hyper-realistic oil paintings of candy and other
tasty things on her website

designer lollypops

a louis vuitton lollypop to match your louis handbag? how ridiculous.

installation by tara donovan

tara donovan's impressive installations made from everyday objects are now showing in ACE gallery in los angeles

deer cupcakes

andrea canalito's mfa thesis show entitled twinkle twinkle baby

true life

i found this quite amusing

betsy walton

walton's drawings and paintings can be found on her website

ASL matchbooks

matchbooks + alphabet + american sign language

mario wagner

more excellent collage work by artist mario wagner

collage blog

i found a blog that features many different artists who are all
experimenting with collage

monica canilao

canilao has a unique body of work consisting of drawings, paintings, prints, installations etc
to find out more about her, take a look at her recent interview with juxtapoz

tiny little deer!!!

i want to keep him forever.

roller derby!

i really like this.