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tennis inspired wallets

i love these wallets made from tennis racquet covers
you can purchase them on etsy


bold overlapping typography + tranparency = fabulous poster design

shattered objects

i love this idea! more shattered objects can be found on flickr

hot dog on a bun

i thought this little guy was really cute

true beauty

i check the sexy people blog basically every day.
each time there are amazing new photos posted.
i especially like this babe with her cotton candy dog.

remember when yin yangs were cool?

this made me laugh. it reminded me of the really
lame yin yang necklace i used to have in 6th grade.

thousands of tiny leaves

motoi yamamoto covered the floor with leaves made out of salt

japanese artist takashi iwasaki

iwasaki has a variety of beautiful work including, embroidery, painting, drawing, and collage

vegan burger

i found cupcake burgers the other day, and
today i randomly came across a wood burger

wine cups

wine + beerpong = cup inspired wine glass

cupcake burgers

found these tasty little guys on flickr
thought they were pretty creative

i love grant hamilton

grant hamilton is one of my long time favorites
he has some dreamy polaroids on his flickr page

girls night out by carl kleiner

kleiner photographed 5 dresses for his "girls night out series"
he has an interesting variety of work on his website

organa natural soda

organa not only comes in beautifully designed packaging, it is
also made from only natural ingredients and sparkling water.

cut copy

a) cut copy has some excellent jams - look them up on itunes
b) i love keyboard shortcuts
c) i love screenprinted posters