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ki yoong
love this drawing by ki yoong.

maurizio anzeri

eerie portraits and photo-sculptures by italian artist maurizio anzeri.

a marine's view

"to be able to see the things a u.s. marine must see. that is exactly what you get from the incredible photos of “basetrack” from his deployment late last year to afghanistan’s helmand province with 1st battalion, 8th marines. the 528 images — nearly all of which were shot with an iphone and filtered in hipstamatic — paint a pretty stark picture of life as a marine deployed overseas."

aaron smith

bearded, 2009, oil on panel, 24" x 22"
i love the colors and loose brush strokes in his "bearded blokes" series.

robert mearns

"robert mearns takes traditional portraiture and gives it a contemporary twist with a little splash of color here and there."

michael fitts

"balloons," 2008, oil on scrap metal
i love michael fitts paintings, especially "balloons."